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I read the transcript, so I thought a list of the main ideas collected from the chat session would be useful. Furthermore, it could spark some debate about them.

  1. Seed questions - not allowed but potentially useful.
  2. Simple questions atract more people but discourage experts vs hard questions atract less people but hopefully experts.
  3. 'The important thing is questions that can be answered in a high-quality way' (even if they are simple questions).
  4. Upcoming posters for promotion.
  5. Get promotion by getting relevant blogs and other sites to mention the site.
  6. Rely on the Stack Exchange team to get needed support.
  7. Maybe go over some of the better questions and improve their titles.
  8. Asking elementary questions that require expert answers (how?).
  9. A great answer could be not recognized as such by the asker (e.g. why the sky is blue? maybe the asker doesn't want to hear about the Rayleigh scattering).

I didn't make reference to whom the question originally "belonged" (as I found that a bit cumbersome and frankly unnecessary). As David already wrote in the original post, the transcript can be found easily, in case that information is needed.