The chat does not show LaTeX, not even in the comments which were moved to chat and had working LaTeX in the comments section.


You need to enable it manually on the client side, see this mother meta post:

  • ChatJax, a set of bookmarklets by robjohn to enable dynamic MathJax support in chat. Commonly used in the Mathematics chat room.

  • Google Chrome Chat MathJax Extension: exactly what it says on the tin. Does more or less the same thing as ChatJax, but packaged as an Google Chrome extension.

  • ChatJax++, a Greasemonkey (Firefox) / Tampermonkey (Chrome) user script. Features individual rendering of new chat messages as they arrive, which should hopefully make it a bit faster and more CPU-friendly than the bookmarklet. Still lacks some planned features, but basic functionality is present. Requires SOUP. Supports mhchem in the Chemistry and Biology chat rooms.

  • A script version of ChatJax for Greasemonkey (Firefox) / Tampermonkey (Chrome), which automatically enables MathJax rendering in all chat rooms. It has no external dependencies, so people who don't want to use SOUP for some reason might find this useful.


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