The funeral service for Professor Hawking has been scheduled to take place at 2:00 pm (1300 GMT) on March 31. (One source.) Should we schedule a special event in the regular chat room or create a new room?

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    $\begingroup$ The sources I'm reading say that the March 31 funeral will be a private event, and suggest that there will be a public event at a later date when his ashes are interred at Westminster Abbey. $\endgroup$ – rob Mod Mar 21 '18 at 15:04
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    $\begingroup$ theres been a lot of discussion/ reverence/ tribute already in the room. lots of starred items & recent discussion in biweekly mtg. maybe there is some cyber or social media place (outside of SE) to show respects or "like" or something on facebook or twitter. chat.stackexchange.com/search?room=71&q=hawking $\endgroup$ – vzn Mar 21 '18 at 18:51

Echoing rob in the comments, I think it would be indecent to turn what is primarily a private event into a public one. If there is a public event related to his passing on some other date, I would be all for following it along in the chat.


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