I asked this as a soft question How to explore Physics research as an undergraduate, keeping in mind the ever increasing weightage on publications?

I have explictly asked if this is the right place to post this and if not please suggest an alternative. One of the contributors suggested "Academia" and I have posted the same question there. The question has been downvoted and there is vote to close the question.

(The problem I see with Academia is lack of subject specific soft-questions.)

But I do not understand why this is not a right question for "soft-question" tag. In the tag-info it is written that we can ask questions asking for advice regarding publication, physics research/study. But I do not understand why my question is not related to Physics research/study technique.

Does it have to be a Physics research problem/homework problem which can be solved without Physics or does the above sentence mean - doubts regarding doing research in Physics?


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I'm not entirely sure exactly what you're asking, but one of the main references on education questions is this one, which points out that many questions about education are overly broad or opinion-based. I believe the question you asked is among them. That's why it's off topic here.

The matter of the tag is a separate one, and entirely irrelevant to whether your question is on topic here or not. Bear in mind that tag descriptions are not what determines whether a question is on topic here.


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