With this question I would like to know what specific tag I can include in my questions on Physics.SE since most of them are about clarifications or curiosities or doubts that I encounter for my students of an high school of 14 to 18 years old.

I have not seen nothing of similar.

Thank you very much.


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Just tag with the appropriate subfield of physics, e.g. or .

From the Help Center article What are tags, and how should I use them?:

Avoid meta-tags

Do not use meta-tags in questions. Here are some tips to help you determine whether a tag is a meta-tag:

  • If the tag can’t work as the only tag on a question, it’s probably a meta-tag. Every tag you use should be able to work, more or less, as the only tag on a question. Meta-tags, like [beginner], [subjective], and [best-practices], are not helpful by themselves – they do not communicate anything about the content of the question.
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