I noticed something about the Linked tab mechanism that I wanted to bring to attention. In this post of mine, I linked to two physics stackexchange posts (please do not edit the links there). I specifically made one hyperlink to be of the form


and another of the form


The second one is a shortened link that comes from the "cite" feature available on the physics and math stackexchange sites. I noticed that when you use the unshortened links, the referenced post is added to the Linked tab. However, when you use the shortened link, it fails to be added to the Linked tab. I find this an interesting observation.

In case this gets messed up for whatever reason, I'll add a screenshot providing some evidence. You'll have to trust me that the two hyperlinks lead to different pages.

enter image description here


I presume this was not a conscious choice but simply an oversight (not sure if "bug" is the right term). What do people think of this? Should shortened links by the cite feature be added to the Linked tab? Why or why not?

If we agree they should be added to the tab like all other PSE links, is there a way to get the attention of someone higher up to change this?

I am curious to hear what people's thoughts are on this. To be clear, I've noticed this many times before as well. I just decided to bring it up now with a concrete example.



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