There are 4 variations of essentially the same question about the effect of pressure on dew point. From oldest to newest they are:

  1. How does athmospheric pressure influence dewpoint?
  2. To calculate the dewpoint ÂșC increase in a compressed air line
  3. How does atmospheric pressure affect dew point?
  4. What law or formula discusses the relationship between pressure and dew point?

I nominated the the newest one for closure, and was thinking of nominating two more, but am confused about which one to keep.

  • Question 2 has the most understandable answer in my opinion, but needs links and a bit more physics details.
  • Question 3 has clearest title and the most views.
  • Question 4 is the oldest question with the most answers, but they are not all that clear in my opinion.

If no one else does it, I might eventually be tempted to write (what I hope is) a clear canonical answer with cross-references to the helpful answers in the various questions, but wouldn't know which question to attach it to.

Should 3 of the 4 be closed as duplicates, and if so, which 3?



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