Gravitation and Electrostatics - A mathematical analogy or much more?

I posted this question, and though really good answers have been posted, it has been closed off.

I am a new member here, and would like to know your expectations on this.

Please let me know how I can improve my question.


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It would be nice if anyone could validate these observations. Further points showering more clarity of the same are also highly welcome.

is too open-ended, and the first part pretty much off-topic as a check-my-work question. Around here, we expect questions to be specific so that it's easy to judge whether answers are answering the question or not. Just inviting users to add "further points" is the opposite of a specific question, in particular because it remains unclear what connection between electrostatics and gravitation exactly you think you have found.

For examples of more specific questions about the analogy between gravitational physics and electromagnetism, see e.g. Geometric interpretation of electromagnetism or Has a metric formulation of electromagnetism ever been attempted?.


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