I just saw this show up in my reputation timeline:

+2 7 hours ago removed How is the average particle density defined in condensed matter physics?

Can anyone tell me why this was removed? It does not show up as revently deleted post. Do i have any means of looking at it? I don't want to loose stuff i post here. I am not sure if this was a question i answered myself but if so i would really regret not being able to look at it if i need it.

So were can I see what that was and can anyone give a hint why it was deleted, for general couriosity?

And one point more. Do i need to be afraid posts like this can be deleted? Where i answered myself so no votes and no accepted answer?


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  1. FYI, OP's question was deleted by the Community user following these SE rules.

  2. On the other hand, this question of OP is not deleted by the same SE rules, since e.g. it has an answer.


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