I posted this answer, which I suspect is getting downvotes because I have a bunch of karma from it but it only has a score of 3.

A commenter leads me to believe people find the answer unsatisfactory because they are mixing up the result of Bell's Inequality with the concept of measurement resolution. If this is true, I may as well set the record straight with a detailed edit. If I'm not getting that many downvotes, I'll just make a quick reply comment.

Can someone with enough rep please tell me how many downvotes I have on that answer?


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If all voting activity so far happened within the same day (as here), it's easiest to go to your reputation tab, group the events by post, and expand the post of interest. The upvotes and downvotes are listed there.

Otherwise, one needs a userscript or a bookmarklet. There is a popular userscript “View Vote totals” without 1000 rep for this purpose. I tend to use my own bookmarklet vote split instead; this is how I see +8 -5 split without having 1000 rep here. (To use, drag the bold link from that page to your browser bar; then navigate to the post and click the bookmarklet.)


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