According to this question the marking a question as "favorite" is so that you can come back to it, i.e. it is sort of a bookmark. This is also how I have been using it, but for mainly two reasons:

  1. I see a question that does not have a satisfactory answer and I think I know enough about the topic to write an answer in the future, but need to do some research first to make it sound.
  2. A good answer/question that is useful to me and that I would like to read and understand in more detail later.

Now it turns out that the favorite tag is not actually very good for that. I marked a lot of questions that I could answer with favorite, but never got around to doing that. Now I can't find the questions that I wanted to read in detail anymore, cause they are buried in all the others. Of course that is really just my fault for using the feature in a stupid way. I was wondering though how other people organize their favorite question?

Furthermore would it be possible to implement a feature that makes this organization easier?


This is so obvious that I hesitate to post it as an answer, but I deal with questions I want to answer but haven't the time right now by dragging a shortcut onto the desktop. Then I eventually delete them, unanswered, and wish I had more time :-)

Questions I want to keep for future reference I drag into a nested series of folders with the folder names acting a rudimentary catalogue.

  • $\begingroup$ haha i guess i'll start doing that then. was too focussed on finding a solution within the site... gotta think out of the box $\endgroup$ – Wolpertinger May 13 '16 at 13:42

There is currently no way to "organize" your favorite, although that is an open feature request.

However, you can search your (or other users') favorites by adding infavorites:<userid> to a search term , where <userid> is, well, the user's ID (the number in the link to their profile). For your own favorites, you can substitute mine for <userid>. You can combine this with searching for tags (e.g. by adding [quantum-field-theory] to the search term) to quickly narrow down the list of stuff you have to scroll through. If you rememeber a specific keywords of the favorite you're looking for, even better - unless you favorite unusually many things, you'll get a modest amount of results.


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