on behalf of a small community of german scientists [physics & astrophysics, astronomy, not insiders in QG] and interested laymen I would like to compile a rather short questionlist regarding current status of LQG. The list should reflect current research topics [general questions, recent advances, major problems and open questions]. Our intention is not to start an own research program, it's just to get a brief overview and to understand better some arxiv papers.

Would it be OK for you a) to support us compiling such a list [suggestions from our side] and b) to answer the questions from your perspective?

Best regards Tom


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  • $\begingroup$ You may want eventually to cross-list this to — and also to support the proposal for — the Theoretical Physics stack exchange site, which may also be a suitable place for such a compilation regarding current research into quantum gravity. $\endgroup$ – Niel de Beaudrap Sep 1 '11 at 20:52

I'm not sure I exactly understand what you have in mind. If you mean that you'd like to compile a list of questions and then get those questions answered on Physics Stack Exchange... it's certainly okay to ask the questions here (well, actually on the main site, not on this meta site), and hopefully people can answer them. But this would not be an appropriate place to post the list itself. You could, of course, compile a list of questions on a separate website if you want.

One thing you could do is look at the quantum-gravity tag, which is an easy way to see all the questions that have been asked about quantum gravity. When you ask a question of your own, as long as you specify that tag when you ask the question, your question will show up in that list.


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