I have noticed there is a clear anomaly in how the site counts whether or not you've "visited" in a given day, as displayed on profiles in the visited xx days, xx consecutive part. Some days that I visit the site it doesn't include it in the count. Lately I've noticed a calender that shows specifically what days you did and didn't visit - and sure enough - there are recent days I went to the Physics SE bookmark and it didn't register.

I've tried this on other SE sites. I made a bookmark folder that had SE sites for several accounts, and even though I'll visit them all, they will all read "1 consecutive" the next day. However, if I click through several things and do several things, it registers the activity. I do not know what it requires in order to count it or not count it and I'd like to find out.

I imagine some people hoping for the gold badge for 100 days visiting might be sourly surprised by site behavior on this account.


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  • homepage visits are not counted toward this, you must visit an "interior" page

  • our day is UTC 00:00:00 to UTC 23:59:59


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