One long-standing feature request for the Stack Exchange engine is the implementation of trackbacks for mentions of the arXiv on Stack Exchange sites. In general, if you have a blog and you blog about an arXiv eprint, you can send the arXiv a specially crafted http message, and then your blog gets listed on a page of the form


that lists a bunch of internet locations that discuss the eprint. Some more examples of how this works:

For recent trackbacks from across the internet to the whole of arXiv, see https://arxiv.org/tb/recent.

The trackback mechanism was implemented and put online on MathOverflow in 2013, and it has been ticking along ever since. A feature request was posted at about that time on Meta Stack Exchange to enable this across all the science Stack Exchange sites, at

Trackbacks from SE to the arXiv.org?

It has received a lot of love over the years (currently at score 97) but apparently this has not been enough. So: do you think this mechanism should be enabled on this site? If so, either post an answer here saying Aye, or go show that feature-request some (more) love, e.g. place a bounty.



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