So I asked the question: Thought experiment: ultra-fast outward push inside a black hole

And there was a conversation I was having with one of the answerers (it didn't resolve my question but I wanted to read it all as there seemed to be some good substance there).

But before I got a chance to see the response to my comment it was deleted. I googled around (and i admit I might be dumb) but I can't seem to find a way to see the deleted answer without a moderator's help as i'm below 10K rep.

What should I do? OR would one of the moderators be able to send an image of the answer + comment stream?


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Even with 10K you can't see deleted comments. There simply isn't such a facility. You can see non-deleted comments to deleted answers, however, which is a slightly different matter.

And the official response to complaints about the inconvenience of that can arise because of that is along the lines of "Put anything important in a post or take it to chat; comments are transient and the only official use case is to suggest improvements to the post, anyway".

Of course the moderators understand that in practice they are used a little more widely than that. Try pinging one of us in chat to ask if there was anything interesting posted in response.

In this particular case there are several classes of comments to consider.

  • There are several deleted comments under the questions. These were deleted by the posters and I wouldn't feel comfortable making the contents public. Sorry.

  • There are some non-deleted comments associated with an answer that was deleted by the poster. Some of these seem to be part of a conversation including you. They were posted between 07:00 and 08:00 UTC by the user who posted the (now self-deleted) answer. If these are the ones you're asking about consider pinging the user who posted the answer in chat to find out if he'd be willing to copy them for you.

  • There are some deleted comments associate with that deleted answer. These don't seem to have anything to do with you.


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