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Is an asker's age relevant?

In Why does Newton's Third Law actually work?, the asker states their age in the question. (They are 10 years old.) On the one hand, their age does not have anything to do with Newton's Third ...
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2019 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire

In connection with the moderator elections, we are holding a Q&A thread for the candidates. Questions collected from an earlier thread have been compiled into this one, which shall now serve as ...
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Liberal definition of duplicate questions and the health of physics stack exchange.

I've been wondering why there is so little activity on physics stack exchange compared with math stack exchange. It occurred to me that a contribution to the difference is that we may be closing too ...
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How should I ask a question to understand the answer I will get?

I'm very curious and like to understand physical concepts. So I search the internet and ask questions on the site. But there is a problem: my understanding isn't complete about the subject ...
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Can I ask a question that has duplicates, with answers none of which I can understand?

I want to ask a question about the Hierarchy Problem and I searched for previous questions. Each of the duplicates has 1 single answer each, and none of the answers is pitched at my own level, (which ...
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Tags for calibrating answers to the level of question

A problem I find with the site is that often answerers don't know how to calibrate an answer to the level of the questioner. This was both good and bad for me personally as I'd get insight into topics ...
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Gauging prefered expertise level for answering questions

I'm new to Physics.SE and StackExchange in general. I've been using the site for several days now and even answered a few questions. By almost any measure though I'm amateur interested in physics ...
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Should posts targetted at different complexity levels be marked as duplicate?

The question "What books an undergraduate needs to study to get a clear conception of rotational physics?" has been marked as a duplicate of "What are some good books for learning the concepts of ...
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When is asking a duplicate ok?

This question: Kinetic theory derivation of viscosity of a gas has an accepted answer. That answer, however, does not contain the amount of detail that I want for a specific part of the question. I ...
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Respondents' consideration of the level of question

I have noticed that the responses, comments and criticisms (down-voting) of many regular users indicate that they are approaching every question as though it were a postgraduate research topic. ...
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Should I upvote answers that I can't verify?

I often come across interesting questions which I can not answer. As a consequence, I cannot verify the given answers, while some seem to be helpful. Is it recommended to upvote such answers, where my ...
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Should we offer more feedback when we vote against reopening a question?

Here on Physics.SE, it culturally seems to be much easier for us to close questions than to reopen them. Recently, I've noticed several cases where a closed question, which appears to be on the edge ...
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