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2016 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire

In connection with the moderator elections, we are holding a Q&A thread for the candidates. Questions collected from an earlier thread have been compiled into this one, which shall now serve as ...
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2019 Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection

The purpose of this thread was to collect questions for the questionnaire. The questionnaire is now live, and you may find it here. Physics is scheduled for an election next week, April 22nd 2019. In ...
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Data collection: When should (or shouldn't) we exclude questions from the Hot Network Questions list?

The SE team has made several promising changes to the "Hot Network Questions" system. If you have previously found HNQs to be problematic, you are invited to participate in the discussion ...
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Are two questions that only differ in the desired level of sophistication of the answer duplicates?

This meta discussion is sort of a spin-off from this recent meta discussion about whether or not an asker's age is relevant to a question, and whether or not it should be edited out. Since the issue ...
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Adding computational science to the list of on-topic items in the Help Center

Recently we've been discussing here whether questions on numerical algorithms should be allowed when the context is a physics problem. The last time this was discussed on Meta seems to be here (a ...
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Are questions about mathematics used in physics always off topic?

This question looks in imminent danger of being closed on the grounds that it's a pure mathematics question. This is something that happened a lot when I was more active on the site, and is one of the ...
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Realistically, are atmospheric physics questions on topic and acceptable?

I have very serious doubts from my experience here (albeit, limited). Two things that I have rightly or wrongly observed from the responses (and lack thereof) to my questions: The answer I got was ...
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How to handle references to literature in predatory journals

Are questions or answers that cite, refer to or are based on work published in predatory journals (in the sense discussed here, here, or here) to be tolerated? If no, how do we check if a journal is ...
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Big list resource questions

This is really just posted to get the conversation rolling and please don't infer my view on the topic from the question -- I'll post an answer when I have some time that will reflect my opinion on it....
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What is engineering and what is experimental design?

So we have a close reason for engineering questions because selection of materials for building that ultralight in the garage are off-topic. But where is the line drawn between engineering and ...
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It is on-topic to ask about computer software useful to do some particular task?

I want to plot some phase diagrams that look professional (Example). I don't really know what tools are usually used to do this kind of diagrams, I've been looking around and found some alternative ...
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What is the fate of the engineering tag?

Given the discussion related to whether Engineering questions are on topic, we also need to consider whether the engineering tag has any reason to exist. We discussed it in the chat room using the ...
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Network science can be a branch of physics

I asked a question about some natural network and after about one hour the question came "On Hold". A similar thing happened here. There is many physicists that work on this area, such as ecology ...
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What is the line between fiction and physics with respect to off-topic?

There is a question I believe to be well on topic, relevant, and interesting. It is asking to consider a fictional scenario and evaluate, as given in the fictional scenario, whether it is possible to ...
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Should we allow software questions? (take 3)

So it was alluded to in Should we allow software questions? (take 2) that software recommendation questions are generally off-topic but as pointed out by @dmckee on neutron transport approximations ...
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