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How do I ask homework questions on Physics Stack Exchange?

What is the policy on asking homework questions on Physics Stack Exchange? What kinds of questions are considered homework questions? Are homework questions allowed? What should I include in a ...
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What can be done to improve Physics.SE as an active forum for physics researchers and student's?

As noted elsewhere, I have personally discontinued use of Physics.SE, since it seems to me that it no longer acts as a forum for research based physics Q&A. Over the past 12 months there has in my ...
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A week of community closing: what should be disallowed homework?

In this answer it was suggested that it might be good for moderators to refrain from unilaterally closing homework (or homework-like) questions for a while, so that we can get a better sense of what ...
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Why was the Theoretical Physics site closed?

I tried to ask a Theoretical Physics question, then I found that the Theoretical Physics Stack Exchange site has been closed. Now what should I do?
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Getting rid of the popular science tag

Related: What is the purpose of the popular-science tag?, Can we encourage the "research-level" meta tag? What about a "popular" tag? We currently have a tag called popular-...
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Can we include homework guidance in the How to Ask sidebar?

This question is a follow-up to this question about what some of us feel is a large spike in low-level homework questions. I propose we include a specific link to our canonical homework meta question ...
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Physics SE should emphasis on problem solving

I observed math SE is more active than physics SE. They don't close problems. I think Physics SE should encourage problem solving. Moderator should not close homework problem. This will help community ...
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Can we encourage the "research-level" meta tag? What about a "popular" tag?

I have been reading a bit of the meta discussion going on about the question quality here at the Physics StackExchange (SE). Especially in the wake of the demise of the TheoreticalPhysics SE, there ...
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Graduate and above level questions aren't homework

I know, I know, it's yet another Meta post about our homework policy. Feel free to downvote and write abusive comments if you're heartily sick of posts about the homework policy. If you're still with ...
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Is Physics Stack Exchange getting Cluttered?

There have been a large number of threads recently(And not so recently) like 1 2 3 4 There are 2 Issues, As I see it, The homework Level questions are being closed by the moderators often, even if ...
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How about a "physics problems" stack exchange?

Many of you should be familiar with the theoretical physics stack exchange (and current beta), and are probably familiar with the arguments against that proposal. As someone who's focused basically ...
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Can we please stop applying the homework tag (and policy) to very advanced questions?

This question is inspired by Colin McFauls very reasonable classification of questions tagged as homework due to the very broad notion of the term "homework-like" currently applied at Physics SE, ...
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Why can't the Homework policy be more lenient?

Sometimes very tricky problems that require quite a bit of ingenuity are removed simply because they're exercises in physics/maths. Well, what is the fundamental difference asking about a specific '...
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Feature request: An internal minisite to help Physics SE better serve the two different audiences it now has

As things stand at present, questions of people who have almost no physics knowledge of their own, who are looking for help in solving a particular problem (homeworky), are mixed up with questions of ...
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Site recommendation - basic question concerning Ohm's law

Taking in to account the majority of posts and comments concerning very basic (not homework) questions here: What can be done about the (current) ongoing flood of homework and very basic questions ...
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