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Help with book suggestions [duplicate]

If I am to ask for book suggestions on a certain topic, where should I ask? Should I ask on Physics Stack Exchange? If so, what tag should I use?
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Is it ok to ask for recommendations? [duplicate]

Generally, it is frowned upon on StackExchange to ask for recommendations, unless the site is specifically for that purpose. Here on Physics, is it ok to ask for recommendations (e.g. for books that ...
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Can we ask about book for studying? [duplicate]

I'm starting to study a new topic (spinors) and I don't know where I can study it, is it possible to ask for studying material?
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Good list, bad list

The Stack Exchange model does not work well for "big list" questions, and these are banned network-wide for good reason. However, many of the other Stack Exchange sites allow or even ...
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How can we improve participation on Physics.SE?

A lot of members have recently noticed a drop in the net question quality on this site. Many of us feel that this is fixable, so I'm trying to take steps in that direction. Roughly, what we need to ...
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Allowance of Computational Physics questions

I know this is a frequently discussed topic but I am not happy with the current stance of treating Computational Physics related questions as "Off Topic". A couple days ago I asked this question (...
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Book recommendations: On-topic, on-topic but community wiki, or off-topic?

Yes, we've had this debate before. Unfortunately, there's no definite consensus to be found about their community wiki status: Good list, bad list (from July 2013) has the top voted answer (with a ...
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Do we need/want an overarching books question?

The current tag wiki for the books - now resource-recommendation - tag includes, in its final paragraph, the request that If you question is about resource-recommendations, please add your question ...
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Books banner: top or bottom?

This is a minor point about the implementation of our new book policy. One of the points it describes is the addition of a banner reading Before answering, please see our policy on resource ...
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Is Physics SE a good place to ask for textbook references?

I sponsor a high school astronomy club. Most of my students have completed AP1 Calculus BC and are ready for a calculus-based discussion of astronomical physics. I am searching for a source-book to ...
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I need to get a better idea about essential mathematical prerequisites for GR from a book. How can I improve the question?

In reference to my question here: What would be essential math topics to read for general relativity (from a particular book)? I'm reading a book and wanted to get a clear understanding on what topics ...
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The fate of a question decided by a Moderator?

I was wondering how could I improve the question here: non abelian string in QCD? It looks to me the question is not too broad, all sub-questions are related. But one of our moderators puts it on ...
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Big list resource questions

This is really just posted to get the conversation rolling and please don't infer my view on the topic from the question -- I'll post an answer when I have some time that will reflect my opinion on it....
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Please volunteer for help editing recommendation questions [closed]

Recently, the book policy has been reevaluated, and Manishearth's proposal how to change it seems to be well enough accepted. What is still missing for the new book policy to become reality, is some ...
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FAQ for Physics Stack Exchange

Frequently Asked Questions This thread is an index of Frequently Asked Questions, and other resources, for Physics Stack Exchange. General questions about Stack Exchange For general questions about ...

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