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How do I ask homework questions on Physics Stack Exchange?

What is the policy on asking homework questions on Physics Stack Exchange? What kinds of questions are considered homework questions? Are homework questions allowed? What should I include in a ...
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What can be done about the (current) ongoing flood of homework and very basic questions overwhelming our site?

Since quite some time, the amount of new incoming higher level questions is decaying and the number of very basic ones is increasing, but the current inflood of bad homeworks (the good ones I ...
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Closing "Insufficient Effort" questions

Some time ago, John Rennie asked, many cases it looks as if the OP simply can't be bothered to put any effort in. Do we have a policy for closing (or not closing) such questions? The Meta ...
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Can we include homework guidance in the How to Ask sidebar?

This question is a follow-up to this question about what some of us feel is a large spike in low-level homework questions. I propose we include a specific link to our canonical homework meta question ...
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Proposal: Kapitza Tag

For a long time, I've admired Kapitza's Problems in Physics [pdf]. It is a collection of 224 questions Kapitza and colleagues used to form the focus of a postdoc candidate oral exams. They really ...
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Is there a way to easily/automatically merge the many Veritasium questions?

There is a new Veritasium video, The Big Misconception About Electricity, which is prompting a bunch of nearly identical questions. Currently, although the questions are nearly identical most ...
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Can we encourage the "research-level" meta tag? What about a "popular" tag?

I have been reading a bit of the meta discussion going on about the question quality here at the Physics StackExchange (SE). Especially in the wake of the demise of the TheoreticalPhysics SE, there ...
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Minor edits should not make questions 'active'

This issue has been bugging me for a while now. I suppose it's more appropriate for the main SE site, but I want to know how others feel about it. I find it very annoying that the 'active questions' ...
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How to conduct a discussion on meta and not kill everyone in trying

Dearest Physicsmeta Stack Exchange readers, I just got done reading through this discussion, its many supporting discussions, its answers, their comments, the answers to the supporting questions and ...
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What is the purpose of the popular-science tag?

I have just noted that we have a popular-science tag. What is its purpose? Does it mean that the answers are expected to be pop science level, that just the question is pop science but the answers can ...
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Everyday physics tag?

In the question why popcorns become soft after popping the tag popcorn was suggested. I think it would be nice to have a more general ...
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Criteria for the popular-science tag

At Getting rid of the popular science tag, Shog9's (rather reasonable, in my opinion) was accepted. So here, I think we should standardise the definition of popular-science. If the answers are ...
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Do we need a Beginners tag?

Some time ago I asked if we needed a tag to distinguish questions asked by beginners. The answer was no on the grounds that a layman or beginner tag would be a meta tag and these were frowned on. ...
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What mechanism determines what is featured in the Community Bulltin on the main page?

What mechanism determines which meta posts or blog articles are featured in the Community Bulltin on the main page? Concerning blog articles, I would guess that the newest ones are featured. But ...
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