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Why don't we just ban homework altogether?

This site gets a lot of low-quality homework questions. Since I ignored the homework tag a few months ago, my experience of the site has been much more pleasant. The current homework policy is nice, ...
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How do I ask homework questions on Physics Stack Exchange?

What is the policy on asking homework questions on Physics Stack Exchange? What kinds of questions are considered homework questions? Are homework questions allowed? What should I include in a ...
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Replacing the homework policy 1: what existing questions should be on/off topic?

TL;DR: post examples of current questions which are edge cases for the new policy, look through the list, and vote answers UP if you think they should be ON TOPIC vote answers DOWN if you think they ...
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Banning homework: vote and documentation

It was proposed recently on meta that, as part of a broader programme of increasing the site quality, we ban homework questions altogether. This proposal seems to have really quite strong support. On ...
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Generalizing the homework policy

In our last chat session two weeks ago (sorry for the delay), we had a discussion about updating the homework policy and homework close reason. I'm making this post to summarize that discussion and ...
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A week of community closing: what should be disallowed homework?

In this answer it was suggested that it might be good for moderators to refrain from unilaterally closing homework (or homework-like) questions for a while, so that we can get a better sense of what ...
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How work Physics.SE and Mathematics.SE about mathematical/physic question

In these two years I'm always trying to understand how to write well my questions. Some of my Physics questions necessarily also require mathematical knowledge that I don't have at the moment and the ...
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Graduate and above level questions aren't homework

I know, I know, it's yet another Meta post about our homework policy. Feel free to downvote and write abusive comments if you're heartily sick of posts about the homework policy. If you're still with ...
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About the proposal to ban homework

This question arose out of a time with a lot of discussion on meta about how this site could be improved; it was proposed that we ban homework and this question explored how that would look like and ...
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Should there be self learning tag?

I have seen self learning tag in mathematics Stack Exchange. But this tag is not there in physics Stack Excahnge. I think there are many students who are learning new stuff by there own without help ...
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