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Should we have a Popular Physics SE?

I've been looking through the new Physics Overflow beta¹ and looking back at some of the discussion about the closure of the Theoretical Physics SE. From a purely personal perspective I would prefer ...
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Should pure math questions be on topic?

We've previously had some discussion about the suitability of pure math questions for this site. Currently, pure math questions - by which I mean those that have no physics content, even if they arise ...
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Are questions about mathematics used in physics always off topic?

This question looks in imminent danger of being closed on the grounds that it's a pure mathematics question. This is something that happened a lot when I was more active on the site, and is one of the ...
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Are math only questions relevant when the math is that of quantum mechanics?

In my brief study of quantum mechanics I have found that math done using operators typically breaks from traditional mathematics. Almost certainly between linear algebra and probably something else ...
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Request for further clarification on question on hold

This question was put on hold recently (and answered in the comments). I do not question the decision but would appreciate further guidance about the particular reason so I can adjust future ...
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Questions regarding the proof of a physical identity

Is it really on topic to ask questions regarding an exact proof/how to approach the proof of a particular identity, or a physical equation?
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Question deleted?!1234567890

what the hell?! I had a Phys.SE question about regularization that had a beautiful answer by a kind user named tparker and a moderator migrated it to Math.SE! It was a question about quantum field ...
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Math and engineering questions: where do we draw the line?

I was reading through some old meta discussions recently, and I was interested in some of the points made, but they never quite seemed to be implemented or discussed further. They also seemed to be ...
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Maths question on physics SE; how to proceed?

We have had some recent discussions on whether pure maths questions be on topic (see here and here). It seems that the majority want to make the policies less strict, and so my question is: will the ...
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How much mathematics is allowed to be the focus of questions? [duplicate]

Since there are mathematics and mathematical-physics tags, I was convinced that it is perfectly legitimate to ask for a mathematically rigourous proof, i.e. a methematically correct, once given the ...
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