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What can be done about the (current) ongoing flood of homework and very basic questions overwhelming our site?

Since quite some time, the amount of new incoming higher level questions is decaying and the number of very basic ones is increasing, but the current inflood of bad homeworks (the good ones I ...
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Can we encourage the "research-level" meta tag? What about a "popular" tag?

I have been reading a bit of the meta discussion going on about the question quality here at the Physics StackExchange (SE). Especially in the wake of the demise of the TheoreticalPhysics SE, there ...
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Graduate and above level questions aren't homework

I know, I know, it's yet another Meta post about our homework policy. Feel free to downvote and write abusive comments if you're heartily sick of posts about the homework policy. If you're still with ...
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What's the current status of the homework policy?

Related: Why don't we just ban homework altogether? Banning homework: vote and documentation We're having some more recent discussions on the homework tag. A month ago, there was a ...
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Can we please stop applying the homework tag (and policy) to very advanced questions?

This question is inspired by Colin McFauls very reasonable classification of questions tagged as homework due to the very broad notion of the term "homework-like" currently applied at Physics SE, ...
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Towards a canonical homework question

Note that the site's current policy on homework questions is found at How do I ask homework questions on Physics Stack Exchange? which will always have the current version of the policy. Many ...
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Why can't the Homework policy be more lenient?

Sometimes very tricky problems that require quite a bit of ingenuity are removed simply because they're exercises in physics/maths. Well, what is the fundamental difference asking about a specific '...
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Feedback on the "no close" week

Has there been any feedback on A week of community closing: what should be disallowed homework? ? My impression is that it was all a bit underwhelming and the close ratio was largely unaffected. Has ...
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About the proposal to ban homework

This question arose out of a time with a lot of discussion on meta about how this site could be improved; it was proposed that we ban homework and this question explored how that would look like and ...
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Should this question be on hold?

Which component shows spin squeezing under twisting Hamiltonian? There is a contentious debate emerging about whether this question, currently at revision 5, should be open or not. Standard practice ...
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