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What is the policy for linking? E.g.: Why should we link to abstract pages rather than pdf files? How do we cite arXiv preprints?

As a comment to one of my contributions, I received the comment: In the future please link to abstract pages rather than pdf files. Fine. I am happy to follow up on this suggestion. Can anybody ...
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Please don't use computer-generated text for questions or answers on Physics

For the impatient reader, the guidance is in the title: please don't use computer-generated text for questions or answers on Physics. Computer-generated text violates our expectation that users are ...
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Where can I find a statement of the Physics SE policy on self-citation?

The question How was it determined how many neutrinos result from a single Beta decay? was asked recently and I had previously researched and written up in my book. As the passage in my book ...
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Answers quoting non-peer reviewed material

When answering a question on Physics, should answers that make reference to non-peer reviewed material that is found on, for example, arXiv, be discouraged, or even removed?
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FAQ for Physics Stack Exchange

Frequently Asked Questions This thread is an index of Frequently Asked Questions, and other resources, for Physics Stack Exchange. General questions about Stack Exchange For general questions about ...
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including own published papers in answers

Now that I am convinced that my post is not a 'homework' type, I am preparing an answer that will take some information from references found. But, my question is, as it is relevant to my answer, is ...
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Regarding off-topic questions, what's wrong with my question?

On the page I have asked a question Has the special theory of relativity been disproved theoretically i.e. logically? with the content: Here is ...
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How to deal with “spam” for papers?

I noticed some answers that: have nothing or little to do with the question; include an undisclosed link to a paper that is either by the answer’s author or particularly liked by the answer’s author –...
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Where can closed and deleted questions and comments be searched for - and how can deletion be appealed? [duplicate]

I have a question that was deleted and some closed when I was just getting started as an author (again here after many years). I did not think the closure and deletion was fair, but I had no ...
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This is a sandbox

This is a sandbox You can use this question as a formatting sandbox (if you can edit CW questions), and you can post answers if you want to test out formatting there as well. NB: It's hard not to ...