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A place for helpful comment templates?

I often find the need to have a comment template saved for future use, say when indicating to an asker that they need to write equations in MathJax instead of attaching them as images (with links to ...
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Should I not edit my old questions on a spree?

I recently visited a couple of old questions that I had posted and there were a lot of edits (mainly grammatical but not all) that I wanted to make. I edited a couple of them and went back to the ...
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Shouldn't we make (more of) our question titles actual questions?

We get a lot of questions on this site whose titles are not written as questions. Recent examples include I don't know how to start with this exercise Finding tension in strings List of international,...
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What format should we use for Physics Stack Exchange Ask Me Anything events?

There's been talk in the hbar of starting an "Ask me Anything" (AMA) series in which featured guests would answer questions from other users. These questions would be about physics, the guest's career,...
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What can be done in order to re-open a closed question?

I recently asked a question that was originally put "on-hold" (you can look at the question here: Now, I’ve read the homework policies several times, in ...
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Guidelines for Title Formatting

What is the standard for the formatting of the titles of posts? What is the standard for editing the titles of posts? I've been away for a while, and when I logged in today I noticed that the title ...
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Are capital letters in titles annoying or innocuous?

I ask this having already read a question about minor edits. I've seen several edits in which the only change was replacing capital letters in a title with lower-case letters. This seems, to me, to ...
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How can I improve the chances of my question being answered?

How can I write a post that will gain attention from the user's I want to reach? In what way should I write my question in order to maximise my chance of obtaining a wide variety of answers, in case ...
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FAQ for Physics Stack Exchange

Frequently Asked Questions This thread is an index of Frequently Asked Questions, and other resources, for Physics Stack Exchange. General questions about Stack Exchange For general questions about ...
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An Issue with Detecting Identical Titles

I was editing a question titled "newton's law of restitution" and I edited the title to "Newton's law of restitution" (There were latex issues in the body of the question and I was not editing the ...
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Suggestions for the Welcome Modal

This post is for collecting suggestions for the Welcome Modal, part of the new ask page design, which in its default state looks as follows: You can make suggestions along the following lines: ...
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Can you start bounty here on physics meta if your question didn't receive enough attention for example?

Can you start bounty here on physics meta if your question didn't receive enough attention for example as you can do on the other websites in the network outside meta?
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