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Good list, bad list

The Stack Exchange model does not work well for "big list" questions, and these are banned network-wide for good reason. However, many of the other Stack Exchange sites allow or even ...
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Are resource recommendations allowed?

What is the policy on asking for recommendations of books or resources on Physics Stack Exchange? What is a resource recommendation question? What sort of resource recommendation questions are ...
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Do we need/want an overarching books question?

The current tag wiki for the books - now resource-recommendation - tag includes, in its final paragraph, the request that If you question is about resource-recommendations, please add your question ...
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The fate of a question decided by a Moderator?

I was wondering how could I improve the question here: non abelian string in QCD? It looks to me the question is not too broad, all sub-questions are related. But one of our moderators puts it on ...
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Why was this answer made community wiki?

This accepted answer I wrote a few hours ago was changed to a community wiki: Dynamics and radiation part of Jackson's book - reading advice I realize the original question was not a particularly ...
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Reminder that Book Recommendations are on topic

Can whoever is flagging resource-recommendations as off-topic because they are primarily opinion based please stop doing so? The community decided a long time ago that these types of questions are on-...
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Should I flag non-CW resource recommendation posts for moderator attention?

As far as I know, the current site policy we have is that resource recommendation questions should be community-wiki. Also, as far as I know, only moderators can make other people's questions ...
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I have several book reviews. How should I answer in the book request?

During my learning I've read a couple books on a topic and have my reviews about them. How should I answer in the book request on that topic, which already has some answers on the books I read? Should ...
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Is this what we intended for a resource recommendation?

Let's ignore all the other things that I find wrong with this question for the moment: Is there a tool online that lets me convert acceleration-time graphs into velocity-time and position-time graphs?...
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Upvote not reflecting in reputation points?

So I asked a question and got an upvote on it but it's not reflecting in my reputation. Why is that? Is it a bug?
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How does community wiki get decided on?

What are typically the criteria for marking a post as Community Wiki, besides having too many edits? I ask because I had a previous question get labeled as CW; if I understand correctly this label ...
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Can I ask for specific books recommendations? using the [resource-recommendations] tag

I researched some question about book recommendations and I found a lot of books on Google Search, and here in the book recommendation question was closed because it is a broad question, ...
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