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Stop closing questions that are considered "homework type" [duplicate]

I recently posted a question What will be the final temperature in this case? Which contained information about a thermodynamical process and asked to calculate work done. The question was tagged &...
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How can I make a question on topic? [duplicate]

Why is my question "Electrical resistance calculator question" on hold ? What does this mean ? How can i improve it ? Here is the link to my question Electrical resistance calculator question
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My question was closed on Phys.SE. Can you recommend me another Internet site where my question might be on-topic?

My question was closed1 on Phys.SE. Can you recommend me another Internet site where my question might be on-topic? Here we keep a list of other Internet sites that might help students2 of physics. ...
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Why don't we just ban homework altogether?

This site gets a lot of low-quality homework questions. Since I ignored the homework tag a few months ago, my experience of the site has been much more pleasant. The current homework policy is nice, ...
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Should any check-my-work questions be made on topic?

It's long overdue that I make this post revisiting our policy on "check-my-work" questions. These are questions, often (but not necessarily) homework-like, that present a complete mathematical or ...
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Is over-vigilant monitoring of questions driving people away from the site?

Now, I know the need to create standards for asking questions. However, particularly for first time users, the ability to ask questions in a way that this forum expects can be difficult, often due to ...
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Should we rename the homework tag as "problem-solving", or such?

The "homework" tag is often controversial among new users who complain that their question isn't from a homework assignment (so they get offended, so edit wars happen, and posts get blocked -- e.g., ...
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Replacing the homework policy 1: what existing questions should be on/off topic?

TL;DR: post examples of current questions which are edge cases for the new policy, look through the list, and vote answers UP if you think they should be ON TOPIC vote answers DOWN if you think they ...
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What can be done about the (current) ongoing flood of homework and very basic questions overwhelming our site?

Since quite some time, the amount of new incoming higher level questions is decaying and the number of very basic ones is increasing, but the current inflood of bad homeworks (the good ones I ...
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Should we rename the homework policy?

The homework policy is a constant source of confusion for new (and sometimes established) users. We see this confusion, for example, when users respond to closures based on the homework policy by ...
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Banning homework: vote and documentation

It was proposed recently on meta that, as part of a broader programme of increasing the site quality, we ban homework questions altogether. This proposal seems to have really quite strong support. On ...
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Generalizing the homework policy

In our last chat session two weeks ago (sorry for the delay), we had a discussion about updating the homework policy and homework close reason. I'm making this post to summarize that discussion and ...
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Discouraging the use of textual screenshots in questions

[This was originally posted as an answer to another question and was transformed into a question following a comment to this effect.] To discourage rapid postings of the type alluded to in another ...
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Should we have a Popular Physics SE?

I've been looking through the new Physics Overflow beta¹ and looking back at some of the discussion about the closure of the Theoretical Physics SE. From a purely personal perspective I would prefer ...
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What counts as sufficient prior research when asking a question?

On Physics Stack Exchange, people asking questions are expected to demonstrate that they've put a certain amount of effort into answering the question themselves. What exactly counts as sufficient ...
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