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What would be the goal of this site if all possible questions have been asked and answered? [duplicate]

From what I heard since I've joined, I've understood that the purpose of Stack Exchange was to make a knowledge repository, but what if one day we document every single possible question which could ...
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Is over-vigilant monitoring of questions driving people away from the site?

Now, I know the need to create standards for asking questions. However, particularly for first time users, the ability to ask questions in a way that this forum expects can be difficult, often due to ...
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What are the goals of this site?

This discussion question is inspired by this post on the current homework policy question. The main question is What are the goals of this site? Some things to think about when answering: What is ...
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Is the demise of Stack Exchange (as we know it) ineluctable?

I feel concerned about a thought that I had recently. I am wondering if the current policy about duplicate questions may become problematic in the (very) long term for the health of Stack Exchange. ...
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What is the ultimate purpose of physics.stackexchange - revisited

I note What is the ultimate purpose of physics.stackexchange?, but it seems to me that the accepted answer doesn't answer the question. I have no special wish to get excessively philosophical, but I ...
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What is the ultimate purpose of physics.stackexchange?

I'm a newbie here and I've noticed that a lot of the questions are at a pretty high level. (I'm just starting a masters program in physics). Does this site have a philanthropic goal of speeding up the ...
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Have you considered that eventually most questions will be repeat questions?

Very few questions can not be answered by searching the web, and if repeat questions are not allowed. The site will slowly move from a forum to a data base. Is the site concerned about this?
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Should we discourage "canonical" questions with "canonical" answers?

We've recently had John Rennie asking "canonical" questions which he's answered himself: What is time, does it flow, and if so what defines its direction? What is time dilation really? What is the ...
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Why close an answered question when both answer and question have positive vote counts?

Especially when a user cannot delete their own question.
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Why was PhysicsStackExhange made?

I am curious to know "Why was PhysicsStackExhange made?"I mean certain objectives and did PSE fulfil them?
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