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Are all history questions now off-topic? [duplicate]

I saw that this question: Einstein's initial clue that spacetime is curved being flagged as off-topic, as it belongs on History of Science SE. However, there is a tag here for 'history' and it ...
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Community Promotion Ads - 2016 [duplicate]

N.B. The size requirements for adverts have changed. It is NOT appropriate to simply copy over the images from previous years - they won't work. Images need to be 300×250px or 600×500px for ...
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Is EM theory appropriate on Physics.SE?

I'm having trouble posting anything relating to EM theory derived from Maxwell on this site. I'm continually having posts deleted 7 day ban's refusing to accept references particularly my own work, ...
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Revisiting history

I've been following the history tag for some time now, and it led me to this Phys.SE question, which was recently closed. While the cited reason was This question does not appear to be about ...
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Asking about the origin of an equation?

Some grad colleagues in a local forum were asking about a certain system of equations of unknown origin, and I was wondering if I would be allowed to ask about it in the Physics Stack Exchange. My ...
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Is it worth adding a button for migrating for History of Science and Mathematics in the close reasons?

With some frequency I stumble across posts that, while interesting, are asking something about the History of Physics rather than Physics itself. As a consequence, with the same frequency I find ...
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How should we handle "multidisciplinary" questions with subparts that are appropriate for different SE networks?

This question was closed as "not suitable for" Physics SE. Based on the comments, the voters seemed to think that it belongs to Biology SE instead. I don't understand this reasoning. ...
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FAQ for Physics Stack Exchange

Frequently Asked Questions This thread is an index of Frequently Asked Questions, and other resources, for Physics Stack Exchange. General questions about Stack Exchange For general questions about ...
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Measurement of mass increase doesn't concern physics. Really?

This question has been closed: How was mass increase measured? because: I’m voting to close this question because it concerns the history of physics – Bob D and then: Closed. This question is off-...
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Are questions about the character or personality of famous Physicists on-topic?

I know from this question: Should history of physics questions be on topic? that questions about the history of Physics are considered on-topic, but what about questions about the character or ...
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Education tag and questions on physics education

Today, I have seen this question closed as an opinion-based question. I have read previous (short) discussions about the issue of questions on physics education topics in SE (see also this), but I do ...
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What is the effect of the votes to close the question "Why is the MKS unit of time the same as the CGS unit?"

I don't agree with the vote to close the question "Why is the MKS unit of time the same as the CGS unit?". The question is, when Giorgi proposed to replace the CGS system, could he alternatively have ...
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