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How do I ask homework questions on Physics Stack Exchange?

What is the policy on asking homework questions on Physics Stack Exchange? What kinds of questions are considered homework questions? Are homework questions allowed? What should I include in a ...
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Should any check-my-work questions be made on topic?

It's long overdue that I make this post revisiting our policy on "check-my-work" questions. These are questions, often (but not necessarily) homework-like, that present a complete mathematical or ...
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Replacing the homework policy 1: what existing questions should be on/off topic?

TL;DR: post examples of current questions which are edge cases for the new policy, look through the list, and vote answers UP if you think they should be ON TOPIC vote answers DOWN if you think they ...
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Should we rename the homework policy?

The homework policy is a constant source of confusion for new (and sometimes established) users. We see this confusion, for example, when users respond to closures based on the homework policy by ...
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Generalizing the homework policy

In our last chat session two weeks ago (sorry for the delay), we had a discussion about updating the homework policy and homework close reason. I'm making this post to summarize that discussion and ...
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Closing "Insufficient Effort" questions

Some time ago, John Rennie asked, many cases it looks as if the OP simply can't be bothered to put any effort in. Do we have a policy for closing (or not closing) such questions? The Meta ...
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What are the goals of this site?

This discussion question is inspired by this post on the current homework policy question. The main question is What are the goals of this site? Some things to think about when answering: What is ...
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Let's get things rolling again with the homework policy

Okay, so the last time we had a focused discussion of the homework policy was August 2016. Blech. So, let's start thinking about this again. And before you collectively groan, this first post isn't ...
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Should we change homework policy of physics.SE?

All possible sites given by this answer are very disappointing in dealing with question & answer and the Physics.SE is by far the best (with respect to design and with respect to active users ) so ...
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Why can't the Homework policy be more lenient?

Sometimes very tricky problems that require quite a bit of ingenuity are removed simply because they're exercises in physics/maths. Well, what is the fundamental difference asking about a specific '...
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Re-asking a Duplicate Question

What should I do if I want to ask a question which has already been asked but does not have satisfactory answers? How can I make the older question active again, or re-ask the question without it ...
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Could StackExchange serve as a resource for the physics subject GRE?

I recently went trough the marginally pleasant experience of having to take both the general and the physics subject GRE tests in order to apply to graduate programs in the US. I prepared exclusively ...
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Leeway in deviating from goals of this site

This post is the second post of a series; the first can be found here and the post that inspired this series of questions can be found here. How much freedom are we willing to grant users in ...
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