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Please don't use computer-generated text for questions or answers on Physics

For the impatient reader, the guidance is in the title: please don't use computer-generated text for questions or answers on Physics. Computer-generated text violates our expectation that users are ...
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Wrongly marked duplicate about why decay is random

I am not sure how to raise this issue, but I was looking for an answer to the question How do we know that nuclear decay is truly random and spontaneous?. This is an important question because we don'...
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Is it really a good idea to show a user's reputation and badges in answers?

I was wondering about this general feature of Stack Exchange sites: when you answer a question, your reputation and number of badges are shown right next to your user name and profile picture. What I ...
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Error with the form "Your Answer"

I would like to answer this question: Applications of the Spectral Theorem to Quantum Mechanics But, I cannot. I insert my answer in the form "Your Answer", I click on "Post Your Answer" and then ...
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Why downvotes on three separate answers in a short amount of time, two times?

It seems that someone doesn't like me, for whatever reason, because three answers of mine have been downvoted in less than one minute the Mar 19 at 8:45 (votes corrected now): Can black holes ...
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Low-quality answers

A bunch of answers just came into the low quality review queue (coincidentally, many by the same user...) and they all share one characteristic: they are incorrect, but they do attempt to answer the ...
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