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Let's apply the lighter to this tag

applied-physics seems like a bit of a catch-all tag like general-physics (which is now removed from all questions and soon to be blacklisted). Thoughts on burnination and blacklisting? Note that ...
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Can we blacklist the general-physics tag?

This has bothered me for some time, and since bad tags are on the table, I think this is a good time to do it. The original burninate request got good traction, and all that remains is to implement it....
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general-physics: a generally terrible tag [duplicate]

general-physics is one of the worst tags I have ever seen. It is a cesspit of filth and agony for good stout-hearted reviewers. It is worthy of burnination with fire. Okay, a little more seriously: ...
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3 answers

Tag burninate & blacklist requests for voting

As suggested by Natheniel in Redundant tags I, I'll make a single question and let people vote on the answers (containing redundant tags to burninate.).
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