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Should we cancel the fortnightly chat session in the Physics chat room?

In the early days of the Physics SE we struggled to get people interested in using our chat room The h Bar. One of the tactics we used was to schedule a one hour chat session once every two weeks, and ...
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Ask Me Anything: 22nd August

I'm Mithrandir24601 (if it's not obvious, that's not actually my real name. Finding my real name is left as an exercise for the reader :P Bonus points for those who know both origins of that username) ...
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Should we stop having biweekly chat sessions?

For about five years we've been having chat sessions every two weeks - they started as a way to build up activity in the chat room, but it's also been a nice way to engender a sense of community ...
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Agenda for Tuesday's chat session

We have a chat session coming up next Tuesday at 16:00 UTC in the Physics chat room. Recent chats have been a bit amorphous, so if there are any issues you want to raise now is a good time to ...
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guest chat session top guest wishlist/ call for desired speakers

the new Physics SE guest chat sessions have gone generally well this summer (some brief summary/ history); we now have 3 basically successful events with talented/ qualified speakers and am personally ...
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What was your impression of the first "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) event?

Do you have any suggestions or improvements for the next one on the 12th of July?
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Ask Me Anything 12th July: guest's introduction and questions

I will be the next AMA guest. So here it is a brief introduction of myself, and you can suggest some topic/questions that can be discussed during the session. Academic Background. I obtained a master ...
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Physics Stack Exchange "Ask me anything" (AMA)

Purpose The user base of Physics Stack Exchange is rather diverse in terms of cultural background, career progress, field of expertise, and personality. While the discussion in hbar is lively, it is ...
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Questions for the June 14th Ask Me Anything

Hey I'm the scheduled guest for the june 14th Physics AMA and I was told to maybe make a little presentation and asks for any questions for the AMA people might have, so here it is. About me So I am ...
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What format should we use for Physics Stack Exchange Ask Me Anything events?

There's been talk in the hbar of starting an "Ask me Anything" (AMA) series in which featured guests would answer questions from other users. These questions would be about physics, the guest's career,...
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