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Why is "this" question physics, but "that" question is not?

While I think this question On the definition of positive linear supermaps on Hilbert spaces may be an interesting mathematical question about Hilbert spaces, why is it not closed for belonging ...
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Would it be possible to give 10 minutes warning to people writing answers that the question will be closed or made duplicate in less than 10 minutes?

I had spent some time answering this question, when it was made duplicate by an announcement at the top "this question will no longer be accepting answers". Would it not be possible to give ten ...
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Do reopen votes expire or disappear?

I noticed that a question where I had cast a reopen vote now is listed as having no reopen votes. Do reopen votes disappear under certain circumstances or expire? Do close votes also do the same?
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About an "on hold" question

My question has been put on hold as unclear. I can't understand why. I think I gave sufficient definition of my question and of its purpose. Some further explanation of why it appears unclear would ...
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