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Why is this question unclear? What details should it have added to make it clear?

I noticed this question which seemed like an honest good faith question (although the asker is clearly not yet competent with using LaTeX). They clearly state how their mental models work, and it’s ...
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3 answers

Moderators close questions as "homework-like" excessively

Physics Stack Exchange moderators often close questions because they seem them as "homework-like", asserting that it fosters independent learning. However, this practice may inadvertently ...
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I want to open question 793805 to post an answer and then close it

I wrote a very extensive answer using a computer program to verify the identity given above, which honestly might be useful for future visitors and contains some good content at least about the levi-...
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3 answers

Why was this Q&A closed?

I posted this Q&A style question: How do I solve this projectile motion problem?. The reason for posting this is because I know that there are a large number of questions regarding how to approach ...
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What is the difference between homework-like questions/check-my-work questions and a normal question?

Yesterday, while I was trying to solve a Schrödinger equation with a specific type, I came across with this question. Then I thought that if I ask a similar question for a different potential and add ...
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Why is my question off-topic?

The question doesn't involve the application of any physical principles to the design or manufacture of any real-world product, nor does it involve any consideration for practical utility*, costs, ...
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2 answers

Question closed as homework-like even though it clearly isn't

My question: If an observer at the middle of a spaceship shines laser in both directions and the ship changes on contact with laser, what will earth observer see? was closed as homework-like. It's a ...
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Should we flag a duplicate question if it has more engagements comparing the original post?

Look at this question: Does the universe have a center?. (original, unpopular) Now, look at this one: Did the Big Bang happen at a point?. (duplicate, famous) If you notice, the duplicate post has a ...
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Reopening old closed questions

My question is motivated by this related post, which questions the practices for closing [homework-and-exercises] questions. My own question is about older posts that remain closed and about the ...
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12 votes
3 answers

Some doubts about the coherence between rules and practice

Observing the behavior of many community members about closing votes, I feel more and more doubtful about the coherence between the rules written in the help center and the practice. The last example ...
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Feedback on closed question?

So a question of mine was closed. Probability distribution for the momentum of a particle undergoing a collision? I thought it was decently written (post the edits) however I guess it's still not up ...
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-5 votes
2 answers

Who or what closes questions here on the Physics Stack Exchange site?

Who or what closes questions here on the Physics Stack Exchange site? None of my questions are "homework" questions, and I wish whoever closes them would actually "read them more ...
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2 votes
1 answer

When are modified closed questions reviewed again, and how is this visible?

I got my question closed (by a bot? It looks like it from the first comment) and when I saw this, I rephrased and tried to abide to the comments (should be more focused). This happened yesterday, and ...
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1 answer

I don't know how to be on-topic

I asked this question that got closed as off-topic and I don't know what makes it on-topic. Clicking on one of the links takes me to a page that says "A homework question is any question whose ...
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Asking if a post deleted on MathOverflow could be suitable for the main site Physics Stack Exchange [closed]

I've asked 9 months ago the post below on MathOverflow. The post with identifier 423567 and same title (see below) was closed and deleted, there was an answer from a professor, and several comments ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Are questions about specific mechanical systems off-topic?

I recently posted the following question about a mechanical system described in an exercise: Acceleration of masses connected by a leaning pole I am emphatically not looking for someone to check my ...
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-7 votes
2 answers

Question of sending internet packets through time closed for "off topic"

My question about sending internet packets through time was closed as "off-topic" as it was "non-mainstream-physics". This seems like mainstream physics to me, so it should fit on ...
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4 votes
1 answer

How should we handle "multidisciplinary" questions with subparts that are appropriate for different SE networks?

This question was closed as "not suitable for" Physics SE. Based on the comments, the voters seemed to think that it belongs to Biology SE instead. I don't understand this reasoning. ...
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How do I get the reviewers to provide more informative comments on question closure?

My question has been closed with the comment that it is a "homework-like" or "check my work" question. I have read the posts recommended by the reviewers to address the issues and ...
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Why is "this" question physics, but "that" question is not?

While I think this question On the definition of positive linear supermaps on Hilbert spaces may be an interesting mathematical question about Hilbert spaces, why is it not closed for belonging ...
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8 votes
2 answers

How can a question on electromagnetism in dielectrics be considered engineering?

How can a question on Penetration of electromagnetic waves in insulators? be classified as engineering? To be sure, the only answer seems to have focused on some particular issues that some might ...
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Yet another question for reopening

My question on diagonalizing the inertia tensor using Euler angles was closed as a duplicate. The suggested duplicate is a question on converting a rotation matrix to Euler angles. My question is how ...
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24 votes
4 answers

Why is there a homework tag if the posts keep getting closed?

Almost every time I ask for a specific concept using an example in a book, my post keeps getting closed. I didn't want for an answer to the specific problem or get my answer checked, but only to ...
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4 votes
2 answers

How should I ask a question about an idea if it's not a known physical subject to me?

Yesterday I asked this question following the thought that an inner structure of spacetime can be embraced in a structure function $s(x)$, to allow for a field theory with macroscopically curved ...
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2 answers

How can I make my question on-topic?

I posted the following question several hours ago: Electric field inside sphere - Griffiths Problem 2.14. In doing so, I showed my attempt in detail and provided my thought process behind it. Within ...
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1 answer

A question on having my questions closed

How exactly does having a question that I posted being closed, affect me? Does it increase the chance that I'll be banned?
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1 answer

Avoid display of closed questions

I routinely check for new questions with tags I follow, using Given my Watched tags, that list often is clogged with ...
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How can I make this closed question address the general problem with the computation?

I tried to ask a 'homework'-like question and I ran into a problem with the style of it because I have never seen a question like that. The general problem was that I didn't know how to express an ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Why was this question closed and downvoted with no comments?

Referring to the question here: What does $|λ,μ\rangle$ mean in Dirac notation? Recently I've noticed a lot of questions closed or downvoted when the answer is obvious to someone who already knows the ...
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How can I ask this question without it being closed?

Today I asked this question and it was almost immediately closed, so I edited trying to make it more focused, but it still remained closed. The question is about the mathematical background needed to ...
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1 answer

Why was this question closed as a homework-like question?

I consider the question in this post to be a conceptual question. This is because OP didn't understand which time interval to calculate - the question wasn't about the calculation itself. ...
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Why is this question closed? I am finding no satisfactory answers from the personal comment

I have a question about my Physics Stack Exchange post: Can time dilation be used to prove that relativistic mass does not really increase at speeds near $c$?
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Why close an answered question when both answer and question have positive vote counts?

Especially when a user cannot delete their own question.
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Closed question of a problem with shown attempt...please help me!

Sorry, I have done a question here where I have presented a problem that I have solved. I know that usually the questions are closed without any suggestions or help by the user if a problem is ...
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2 answers

Why was this question down voted and closed as non-mainstream?

The question Are the following claims flaws in Relativity? was closed for not being mainstream physics, and it received a number of down votes. Now, I haven't studied SR past brief coverings in my ...
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12 votes
1 answer

What to do when duplicate targets disagree?

There are several questions on Physics S.E. which have been marked as duplicate targets, yet their answers disagree with another. Two such examples would be Is energy conserved in an expanding ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Why was my question closed for not being focused when it actually was?

I asked a question a few days ago. It got closed for needing to be “more focused.” According to the site guidelines , in the Needs more focus part, it says: This can often be fixed by breaking the ...
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1 answer

In what ways is this question lacking detail or clarity?

I asked this question about what a strangelet would look like to the naked eye, and it was closed because it needed details or clarity. As far as I can tell, there was no need for either, because it ...
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My question was downvoted after it was closed, can I ask the community to delete it?

I have this question: Bomb attached to accelerating charge, as viewed from a co-moving frame? Now it was closed, and then it was downvoted. I do not understand why we are allowing downvotes (or any ...
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2 votes
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Closed and then reopened question samples [duplicate]

Many new users are quite unaware of the required format of asking questions. A sample of closed questions that were edited and then reopened could be assistive for most of new users. Also so far I ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Is there a grace period to post an answer to a question after it is closed?

This answer has been published 23 minutes ago, while the question was closed 25 minutes ago, at the moment. Also this answer was published a minute after closing the question (another). So how does ...
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How to make the question about "the principle of optimization" not opinion-based?

The question in question: Why isn't the principle of least action named as "the principle of optimization"? I suppose that one solution is to define what optimization/optimal state/...
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1 answer

Should cosmetic edits be made to a closed question?

Sometimes when I am going through the reopen queue I come across questions that have been edited by another user who is not the author of the question. These edits are mostly or entirely cosmetic in ...
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What is "mainstream physics"?

Today, two of my questions were closed seconds after I wrote them as not about "mainstream physics". So, I am asking, what is "mainstream physics" then? For instance, is ...
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Why was this question of mine closed by a moderator?

A moderator (ACuriousMind) refuses to open this question on physics forum. He claims it needs to be more focused. This question is related to double-slit experiment. Is this question terribly unclear ...
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Should we offer more feedback when we vote against reopening a question?

Here on Physics.SE, it culturally seems to be much easier for us to close questions than to reopen them. Recently, I've noticed several cases where a closed question, which appears to be on the edge ...
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3 answers

My question got closed saying that it was opinion based

I cannot wrap my head around how can you not have a wrong answer in physics. It's not philosophy that we are talking about... How can I improve my question to open it again? The question: Can 0 ...
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5 votes
2 answers

How is this question about a black hole passing through the solar system non-mainstream?

A question of mine was closed on the grounds of being non-mainstream. Mainstream is defined below: Mainstream physics is physics which has been accepted by a significant portion of the physics ...
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5 answers

Little tolerance with mathematical-physics questions

I progressively feel that a typical user interested in the mathematical-physics tag, like me, is not welcomed in the community; not to mention, that at least as I can tell, the community is not ...
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10 votes
4 answers

Why would my question on tachyons be closed as off topic if most other questions on tachyons are still open?

When I type tachyons into the search engine of the site I find a lot of open questions about tachyons but my question about tachyons was closed as off topic If electrically charged tachyons exist, ...
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