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Question closed as an off-topic homework question although it is clearly not a homework question

A question I asked has been closed by a moderator as an off-topic homework-like question, although it is clearly not a homework question. Why was it closed as being homework-like?
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Why was this question considered "big list?"

I recently asked what the most precice measurement we have taken is (What is the most precise physical measurement ever measured?). With 33 views and 6 upvotes, it got mod-hammered as being a "big ...
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4 votes
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Do moderators avoid unilateral close votes, or close votes in general?

Our moderators have mentioned that they avoid closing questions unilaterally, unless it's a slam-dunk case. I think I've seen similar stances on other sites' metas, and this seems like a good general ...
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The fate of a question decided by a Moderator?

I was wondering how could I improve the question here: non abelian string in QCD? It looks to me the question is not too broad, all sub-questions are related. But one of our moderators puts it on ...
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How do I dispute a moderator's action?

A moderator closed/migrated/deleted a post, and I disagree with this. How should I proceed in getting this reversed? Return to FAQ index
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On the subject of moderation by single individuals

Possible Duplicate: Can we please let the community close questions? I quit using Physics Forums because of a single case of moderation. I started a thread on the site to do a general relativity ...
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