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Why was this question down voted and closed as non-mainstream?

The question Are the following claims flaws in Relativity? was closed for not being mainstream physics, and it received a number of down votes. Now, I haven't studied SR past brief coverings in my ...
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What is "mainstream physics"?

Today, two of my questions were closed seconds after I wrote them as not about "mainstream physics". So, I am asking, what is "mainstream physics" then? For instance, is ...
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How is this question about a black hole passing through the solar system non-mainstream?

A question of mine was closed on the grounds of being non-mainstream. Mainstream is defined below: Mainstream physics is physics which has been accepted by a significant portion of the physics ...
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How can "torus shape" planet be "non-mainstream" physics?

Refer to this question: How would the rotational and orbital mechanics differ on a torus-shaped planet as compared to a spherical planet? This is asking about torus-shaped planet rotational and ...
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Why was my question about Quantum Mechanics and FTL drives put on hold?

So, I just asked a question (FTL drives and Quantum Mechanics experiments) about the intersection of quantum mechanics, FTL drives, and some form of relativity (not sure if it's general or special), ...
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Is Physics SE being targeted by people opposing the modern view of physics, and so called myth busters?

I have only been a member for a few months, but find the site both very good, and pretty fair. Not saying all is perfect, but enough good, imo. I looked to see if there was a similar question to the ...
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Why were well-known, valid solutions of the GR "off-topic" or "non-mainstream"? (suggestion)

I've found multiple times the closing of questions about the topic of general relativity/solutions of the einstein field equations. Examples are here and here. These judgement was: "not mainstream". ...
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