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A question on having my questions closed

How exactly does having a question that I posted being closed, affect me? Does it increase the chance that I'll be banned?
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Why would my question on tachyons be closed as off topic if most other questions on tachyons are still open?

When I type tachyons into the search engine of the site I find a lot of open questions about tachyons but my question about tachyons was closed as off topic If electrically charged tachyons exist, ...
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14 votes
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I am being told conflicting resolutions for fixing a closed question, what should I do?

I had a question that was closed, and I was given the following instructions: Those questions listed did not provide me with the answer to my question, so I followed the advice and opened a new ...
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A moderator understood and answered my question but put it was put on hold as unclear?

I asked this question Zero Radiation Nuclear Bomb Possible? and a moderator completely understood my question, provided an answer and mention he would like to see other answers, but it still got put ...
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Where can closed and deleted questions and comments be searched for - and how can deletion be appealed? [duplicate]

I have a question that was deleted and some closed when I was just getting started as an author (again here after many years). I did not think the closure and deletion was fair, but I had no ...
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Why is there so little answering of elementary physics questions?

I have begun to notice that it's nearly impossible to get answers for queries on classical mechanics concepts on this website (despite them involving advanced ideas). While say a quantum mechanics ...
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Why was my question, about a collection of textbooks to use to prepare for QFT, closed?

It was called "Need A Collection Textbooks To Use As Stepping Stones to QFT" In my mind, asking about a "no-nonsense intro to QFT" and asking for a set of textbooks together which would prepare one to ...
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Why has my question been closed?

Why has my question, entitled Automobile Air Bags, been closed? This really leaves me baffled. I've asked a conceptual question regarding the question above ,I've shown my efforts to understand it,I'...
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12 answers

Is over-vigilant monitoring of questions driving people away from the site?

Now, I know the need to create standards for asking questions. However, particularly for first time users, the ability to ask questions in a way that this forum expects can be difficult, often due to ...
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Unclear remark that my question is unclear

What's wrong with this community? Only here, I am experiencing such blunt closing. -- This ...
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Why am I in risk of a questions ban after one duplicate and one closed question?

A moment ago, I wanted to ask a question on this SE about the amount of energy in human blood, but it warned me that I'm in risk of no longer being able to ask questions on this account due to a large ...
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Restrict the word "why" in questions

There's way too many nonsense questions being asked, all starting with the word "why". It devalues the site greatly, making it appear more like a gathering of conspiracy theorists and other crackpots....
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Why is my question closed?

How can a point-particle have properties? I have edited the parts that were open to criticism. It has 4 upvotes, and people who are trying to answer it in the comments. Why is it closed? Should it ...
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