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Some doubts about the coherence between rules and practice

Observing the behavior of many community members about closing votes, I feel more and more doubtful about the coherence between the rules written in the help center and the practice. The last example ...
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Asking if a post deleted on MathOverflow could be suitable for the main site Physics Stack Exchange [closed]

I've asked 9 months ago the post below on MathOverflow. The post with identifier 423567 and same title (see below) was closed and deleted, there was an answer from a professor, and several comments ...
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Are questions about specific mechanical systems off-topic?

I recently posted the following question about a mechanical system described in an exercise: Acceleration of masses connected by a leaning pole I am emphatically not looking for someone to check my ...
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How should we handle "multidisciplinary" questions with subparts that are appropriate for different SE networks?

This question was closed as "not suitable for" Physics SE. Based on the comments, the voters seemed to think that it belongs to Biology SE instead. I don't understand this reasoning. ...
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Why is "this" question physics, but "that" question is not?

While I think this question On the definition of positive linear supermaps on Hilbert spaces may be an interesting mathematical question about Hilbert spaces, why is it not closed for belonging ...
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How is this question about a black hole passing through the solar system non-mainstream?

A question of mine was closed on the grounds of being non-mainstream. Mainstream is defined below: Mainstream physics is physics which has been accepted by a significant portion of the physics ...
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Why would my question on tachyons be closed as off topic if most other questions on tachyons are still open?

When I type tachyons into the search engine of the site I find a lot of open questions about tachyons but my question about tachyons was closed as off topic If electrically charged tachyons exist, ...
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I think that this question is not off-topic

The following question has been closed because it is off-topic: An approximation for path integral kernels However, I'm presenting a new idea in that post: Set N=2 in the formula of the path integral ...
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My question is "engineering" but

My question: What is the ideal gap between two panes of glass for insulation? According to this: Are engineering questions appropriate for this site? When constructing a product for use in the world, ...
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Question closed because considered opinion-based. How to change it?

I asked the following question a couple of days ago: Difference in material covered between Zwiebach or Adams quant mech I on mit ocw? The original question was deemed opinion-based (which I in hind ...
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Question closed as opinion based, that is unusual but clearly not opinion based

The question in consideration is Actual eletronic games (as in, games played using electrons)? I understand that this question is different from other questions on this site, but I think it can be ...
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2 answers

Why is this question asking about lectures closed as a duplicate?

This question is currently closed for being a duplicate of this question. The closed question asks about recommendations about video lectures for quantum lectures while the second question asks about ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Why is this question about measurement off-topic?

The question Reliable length scales in nature has been received very poorly, for reasons I don't really understand. In the help center, it is stated that questions concerning "Experimental designs ...
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Why is this post against the guidelines and especially not about physics itself?

The context is the following question: (10K link only, partial screenshot here) As the title stays, this got a lot of downvotes and got put on hold ...
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Network science can be a branch of physics

I asked a question about some natural network and after about one hour the question came "On Hold". A similar thing happened here. There is many physicists that work on this area, such as ecology ...
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Off-topic question

I posted a question on Phys.SE and the question was closed as off-topic. As a matter of fact I did a mistake when selecting the tags, since I used the homework tag. When I realized that I did a ...
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Is this question still too broad? was put on hold as too broad, but edited the same day. Now it's been on hold for a few days. Is it still too broad?
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Why my question is hold on?

I asked at: Sum of energy from torques of several disks in double rotation It is on hold, but I don't find another forum or question where this problem is resolved. It's possible to use lower number ...
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3 answers

Should this astrobiology question be reopened?

Silicon-based life was closed for being off topic. It's possibly an astrobiology question, and was migrated from the old Astronomy.SE. In which case it is on topic by current rules. Probably. (we ...
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why was this question closed?

Why was we don't serve tachyons around here closed? To me is seemed on topic because it asked about the physics in a joke that only physicists would appear to understand.
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6 votes
3 answers

Is a shopping advice request off-topic in any case?

A question has arisen if shopping advice posts is off-topic and should be kept closed. Examples: Fairly Broad Spectrum Light Source Options Refractive index liquids: Why hard to buy? Where can I ...
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Closed question

It is rather strange, that question that practically reproduces title of talk of (future - 4 ...
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