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The gamma^5 question

The question Can one show that ${\gamma^5}^\dagger = \gamma^5$ directly from the anticommutation relations? was recently closed as homework-like. I agree that this is in somewhat of a grey area as far ...
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Prematurely closed "duplicate"

This question, asking why oceans look blue but rivers don't, was closed as a duplicate of another question, which was answered with a good explanation of why large masses of water, including oceans ...
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Reopening a question about the recent LIGO event

My recent question about the significance of further LIGO events was appreciated, it appears, by all but five people. I'm lobbying for reopening. This question is not too broad--it's exactly ...
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Relevance of biology-related questions

I'd like to discuss the relevance ("on-topicness") of questions regarding the effects of physical influence on biologic organisms, specifically humans. Recently, there have been these two questions: ...
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Yet another question for reopening

My question on diagonalizing the inertia tensor using Euler angles was closed as a duplicate. The suggested duplicate is a question on converting a rotation matrix to Euler angles. My question is how ...
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Is Physics SE being targeted by people opposing the modern view of physics, and so called myth busters?

I have only been a member for a few months, but find the site both very good, and pretty fair. Not saying all is perfect, but enough good, imo. I looked to see if there was a similar question to the ...
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Why is this question (still) closed?

H${}$i all. Please, have a look at What is a complete book for quantum field theory?. The post is a standard resource-recommendations request. In fact, it is the canonical post when it comes to QFT ...
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Should /q/59448 be reopened?

The question Has there been a proposed explaination to the observation of wave-particle duality? has been closed as not a real question. While the posting isn't particularly well formulated, the ...
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Reopening old closed questions

My question is motivated by this related post, which questions the practices for closing [homework-and-exercises] questions. My own question is about older posts that remain closed and about the ...
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Why is "this" question physics, but "that" question is not?

While I think this question On the definition of positive linear supermaps on Hilbert spaces may be an interesting mathematical question about Hilbert spaces, why is it not closed for belonging ...
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Should we offer more feedback when we vote against reopening a question?

Here on Physics.SE, it culturally seems to be much easier for us to close questions than to reopen them. Recently, I've noticed several cases where a closed question, which appears to be on the edge ...
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Why was my resource recommendation question closed for needing more focus?

Books on general properties of matter and fluids. Can anyone please tell why this was closed and down voted? The topic comes under properties of bulk matter, which ...
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Two similar-looking mechanics questions are not duplicates

This question about which way a bicycle will move when the pedal is pulled horizontally was closed as a duplicate of this question about how a yoyo will move when it is pulled horizontally. They are ...
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A slight confusion in resubmitting of a closed question (a genuine attempt to re-word the original)

I asked a question, but it was declared a duplicate of this, this and this, but none of them answered what I originally had in mind. [probably my mistake, the question must have been poorly worded]. I ...
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What is the difference between homework-like questions/check-my-work questions and a normal question?

Yesterday, while I was trying to solve a Schrödinger equation with a specific type, I came across with this question. Then I thought that if I ask a similar question for a different potential and add ...
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Should we flag a duplicate question if it has more engagements comparing the original post?

Look at this question: Does the universe have a center?. (original, unpopular) Now, look at this one: Did the Big Bang happen at a point?. (duplicate, famous) If you notice, the duplicate post has a ...
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Feedback on closed question?

So a question of mine was closed. Probability distribution for the momentum of a particle undergoing a collision? I thought it was decently written (post the edits) however I guess it's still not up ...
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Closed question of a problem with shown attempt...please help me!

Sorry, I have done a question here where I have presented a problem that I have solved. I know that usually the questions are closed without any suggestions or help by the user if a problem is ...
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Can we reopen this question which used to have meaning-distorting grammar?

The question Effect of temperature and surrounding medium in the Cavendish experiment to measure the gravitational constant was closed as 'unclear what you're asking', probably because earlier ...
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Consistency re what counts as opinion?

Why is the second post a matter of opinion but not the first one? What do theoretical physicists need from computer scientists? Do physicists need to study functional analysis in depth in 2024?
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