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My question was closed on Phys.SE. Can you recommend me another Internet site where my question might be on-topic?

My question was closed1 on Phys.SE. Can you recommend me another Internet site where my question might be on-topic? Here we keep a list of other Internet sites that might help students2 of physics. ...
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Good examples of turn-around questions that get closed → fixed → reopened and answered

I just watched the question Why is 2 a pseudoreal representation and there is no 2-2-2 anomaly? turn around from being fundamentally ill-posed, under-researched and essentially unanswerable in its ...
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Why am I in risk of a questions ban after one duplicate and one closed question?

A moment ago, I wanted to ask a question on this SE about the amount of energy in human blood, but it warned me that I'm in risk of no longer being able to ask questions on this account due to a large ...
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How do I dispute a moderator's action?

A moderator closed/migrated/deleted a post, and I disagree with this. How should I proceed in getting this reversed? Return to FAQ index
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Is over-vigilant monitoring of questions driving people away from the site?

Now, I know the need to create standards for asking questions. However, particularly for first time users, the ability to ask questions in a way that this forum expects can be difficult, often due to ...
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Why more than a thousand views for my 'closed' question?

I had asked this question some time back. What I intended to know was understood perfectly by the person who has answered it. Since then, the question has been viewed a thousand times earning me a '...
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Tips for quickly and efficiently searching for duplicate questions on Physics SE

There have been some recent discussions that it's getting increasingly difficult to find duplicates or near-duplicates of questions posted by new users, on the main site. Similar concepts are getting ...
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What can be done in order to re-open a closed question?

I recently asked a question that was originally put "on-hold" (you can look at the question here: Now, I’ve read the homework policies several times, in ...
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Why would my question on tachyons be closed as off topic if most other questions on tachyons are still open?

When I type tachyons into the search engine of the site I find a lot of open questions about tachyons but my question about tachyons was closed as off topic If electrically charged tachyons exist, ...
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What guidelines should moderators use to decide when to close questions?

Recently, Noldorin has closed three questions that I've noticed: They are a question about using household devices to experiment with electromagnetism , econophysics, and whether a certain definable ...
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What is the meaning of **effort** that Phys.SE wants in homework questions?

Always do I have seen most of the homework tagged questions are hold, with a close reason to show minimal effort. I thought Phys.SE wanted the asker to show his attempt. But recently, I got amazed ...
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Is Physics SE being targeted by people opposing the modern view of physics, and so called myth busters?

I have only been a member for a few months, but find the site both very good, and pretty fair. Not saying all is perfect, but enough good, imo. I looked to see if there was a similar question to the ...
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Non-question: experimenting with custom close-reason banners in different contexts [closed]

I'm experimenting with editing close reasons, so here's a "question" that I can immediately close. Here's how the custom close reason looks in the close-question dialog: Here's how the ...
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When is a question too philosphical?

In general I would like to know if there is some criteria to consider certain thought experiments or questions to be better suited for philosophical discussion rather than physics discussion. The ...
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Network science can be a branch of physics

I asked a question about some natural network and after about one hour the question came "On Hold". A similar thing happened here. There is many physicists that work on this area, such as ecology ...
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Has my question been put on hold because it seemed like "a check my work" question?

My question was re-opened but has been put on hold again by some members of this website. Is it due to the fact that I had posted free-body diagrams which made the question seem like a "check my ...
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Is it part of this site's charter to dispel ignorance and raise awareness of science?

This question is inspired by the following question: Is it physically possible to convert matter into the electromagnetic spectrum(specifically x-rays)? The question I put in the title is in part ...
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Some doubts about the coherence between rules and practice

Observing the behavior of many community members about closing votes, I feel more and more doubtful about the coherence between the rules written in the help center and the practice. The last example ...
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How are these two questions duplicates?

I recently saw that this question has been closed as a duplicate, and I couldn't disagree more, but for some reason it has passed review with a Leave Closed outcome. The currently-closed question ...
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Why were well-known, valid solutions of the GR "off-topic" or "non-mainstream"? (suggestion)

I've found multiple times the closing of questions about the topic of general relativity/solutions of the einstein field equations. Examples are here and here. These judgement was: "not mainstream". ...
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Should this astrobiology question be reopened?

Silicon-based life was closed for being off topic. It's possibly an astrobiology question, and was migrated from the old Astronomy.SE. In which case it is on topic by current rules. Probably. (we ...
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The role of precedents in closing questions

In deciding whether a question should be closed, moderators and users of sufficient reputation refer to the official physics S.E. policy, and act accordingly. In law, if a particular decision is ...
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On the subject of moderation by single individuals

Possible Duplicate: Can we please let the community close questions? I quit using Physics Forums because of a single case of moderation. I started a thread on the site to do a general relativity ...
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Why is this question (still) closed?

H${}$i all. Please, have a look at What is a complete book for quantum field theory?. The post is a standard resource-recommendations request. In fact, it is the canonical post when it comes to QFT ...
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Question closed as an off-topic homework question although it is clearly not a homework question

A question I asked has been closed by a moderator as an off-topic homework-like question, although it is clearly not a homework question. Why was it closed as being homework-like?
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Question asking rare examples of the use of SO(8) and Spin(8) triality

I am just curious, why this question is put on hold Physics application of $SO(8)$ and Spin(8) triality, while other questions that have broader ends (a real open list) are left open. e.g. Physics ...
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Should you not give feedback if you vote to close a question to help the questioner better use this website? [duplicate]

My question has been closed again. DavidZ has pointed out that it is acceptable for people to not give reasons for closing questions. I understand that the site does not require them to do that. ...
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Two similar-looking mechanics questions are not duplicates

This question about which way a bicycle will move when the pedal is pulled horizontally was closed as a duplicate of this question about how a yoyo will move when it is pulled horizontally. They are ...
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Are there guidelines for reopening questions?

Background My closed question originally asked: Why is the sign of gravitational inertial mass chosen to be positive like EM inertial mass? and was put on hold: On hold as unclear what you're ...
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Issue when people who close a question are (an order of magnitude) less than those who accepted and up-voted question and answers

Based on the case of a question Explanation for this type of (magic-trick) suspension? (on hold) (of course not the only one). Five people (a moderator among them) voted to close the question, which ...
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Is Such a behaviour appropriate?

This question : was highly downvoted, and put on hold recently giving a reason "Primarily opinion ...
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Are some questions closed "too fast", and is it a problem?

I bring as an example this question, that has been closed after ~12 hours: What exactly are electrons if they exist in orbitals without real boundaries? The OP seems to be someone that does not use ...
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Restrict the word "why" in questions

There's way too many nonsense questions being asked, all starting with the word "why". It devalues the site greatly, making it appear more like a gathering of conspiracy theorists and other crackpots....
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