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Should we refrain from using canned comments when reviewing?

Since the review queue update, I have seen multiple instances of the following situation: a new user asks/answers a question, a reviewer finds the question unclear or lacking sufficient detail and ...
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Confusing message from new review queue?

The answer here (in which a new user posted an elaboration on their question as an answer) has the following comment from the Community bot, presumably due to its review in the new "First Answers&...
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5 votes
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Is Physics SE being targeted by people opposing the modern view of physics, and so called myth busters?

I have only been a member for a few months, but find the site both very good, and pretty fair. Not saying all is perfect, but enough good, imo. I looked to see if there was a similar question to the ...
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Are the colors of this two comments different? These are the comments from the question What is “relatively uniform resonant frequency”?. I'm pretty sure that the colors are different, maybe their brightness. Is ...
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Cannot view LaTeX on the Comments section and the Title in the stack exchange app

Sorry, I don't know if this question should be asked here (feel free to remove if this doesn't), since this is only regarding the stack exchange app, my main concern is that I cannot view LaTeX on the ...
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