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Do we have a new moderator?

I do not recall being introduced to a new moderator: user842563. Can the moderation team comment?
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Allowing questions regarding typos in books

My question was closed as off-topic because I was trying to be sure whether something was a typo or not. It involved no physics concept. Now, I think physics.stackexchange should be broader in their ...
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15 votes
8 answers

Should we re-word the homework-like close reason to better match how we actually deal with homework-like questions?

After an extended debate that lasted several years, our community seems to have settled into a pretty consistent treatment of homework-like questions. When such a question is closed, a banner appears ...
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My question was downvoted without a reason [closed]

Does Fisher Information quantify only the precision of the instrument? I had asked a question recently. There were some comments by someone named Solar Mike. On repeatedly asking him/her on ...
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10 votes
4 answers

Data collection: When should (or shouldn't) we exclude questions from the Hot Network Questions list?

The SE team has made several promising changes to the "Hot Network Questions" system. If you have previously found HNQs to be problematic, you are invited to participate in the discussion ...
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inactive users and Community revivals

This is an example , it was revived by Community . Could not Community acquire some intelligence? The user has been inactive since "Last seen Jun 2 '15 at 23:00" , All answers have a 0 vote count and ...
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Do we want chat notifications of potentially low-quality posts?

There is a chat bot called Smoke Detector, active on several other SE sites, that automatically checks for potentially low-quality posts and writes chat messages to notify people about them. These ...
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