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My comment was deleted while an identical, later posted comment was kept?

The post in question is: Mathematical Expression of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle I had commented that the question was a duplicate question and then provided the link. A few minutes later ...
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Should we refrain from using canned comments when reviewing?

Since the review queue update, I have seen multiple instances of the following situation: a new user asks/answers a question, a reviewer finds the question unclear or lacking sufficient detail and ...
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Confusing message from new review queue?

The answer here (in which a new user posted an elaboration on their question as an answer) has the following comment from the Community bot, presumably due to its review in the new "First Answers&...
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Modification by Community to question in Recently active tab

I was reading the questions on the Recently Active tab which I don't often do (I usually look up the newest questions tab) and found this. But I had viewed the question just a few minutes before that ...
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10 votes
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(Why) does this particular question keep getting bumped up by Community?

I've noticed several (>~3) times over the past few months that the question About the proposal to ban homework has been bumped up the front page of Meta, on separate occasions. I don't think it ...
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A bounty set by the Community user?

See this question. The question sits on a +2 -18 vote status, but has +100 bounty on it, from "Community". Digging further into it leads me to this, which seems to suggest that Community is a kind ...
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What happens after death?

What will happen with my SE account after my death? Is there something that eg. warn foture users not to try contact with me, because I'm dead? Would my account be deleted for preserving servers ...
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Community♦ Gifted questions

On Community♦'s page if says and I quote : {Randomly poke old unanswered questions every hour so they get some attention} What algorithm is used for this random throws of questions ? Does it bring ...
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Mainstream scientists and physics SE

This one is gonna sound absoultely nuts, but as far as I know this here is the best site to discuss and develop mainstream physics had there been some facility to remotely do experiments on good ...
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What does it mean if an edit is attributed to Community?

This question on the Euler beta function shows a number of edits 'suggested' by Community. What exactly does this mean? Who made the edit/edit suggestions? Why is their name not displayed? If it is ...
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