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How should we deal with academic dishonesty?

Finals are going on for many, and we've had quite a few instances where a student posts a question from a take-home final exam (or something similar). How ought we deal with this? Should we close ...
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4 answers

Should I not edit my old questions on a spree?

I recently visited a couple of old questions that I had posted and there were a lot of edits (mainly grammatical but not all) that I wanted to make. I edited a couple of them and went back to the ...
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2 votes
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What can I do if I note that answers are abused to troll, flame, and/or advertise personal nonsense theories?

Just as a most recent example (I could give many more posted by other users too), this "answer" does not answer the question, brings up confused rhetoric intended to troll about fundamental physics ...
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Am I allowed to call someone a kook?

Is it against the rules to call someone a kook?
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