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Struggling to not draw ire in responses to my few questions ... failing

I am a novice at this, and I believe I have only asked a handful of questions in total. The first were all rapidly tagged as "opinion-based", and I can see why. I don't see how to ask for ...
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Citations are the 'source code' of physics stackexchange

The Stack Overflow faq says: We feel the best Stack Overflow questions have a bit of source code I think the Physics Stack Exchange faq should say: We feel the best Physics Stack Exchange ...
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The h Bar is always open! (Chat Guidelines)

The main chat room for Physics SE is called the h Bar (yeah, it's a cool name); it has been an active place for a while now, and a lot of you have probably popped in at some point of time. However, ...
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As a user of Physics.SE, how do I make my own experience smoother and more enjoyable?

Related: How can we improve participation on Physics.SE? (Not a dupe, this is about what a user can do to improve his/her own experience, and that is about more global changes) This post is meant to ...
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How do I make png files display smaller?

I just submitted this question, and I don't like the way my .png image renders. I often make diagrams in questions and answers using Microsoft paint, which produces a .png. In Physics stack exchange ...
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Which flag do I use for an inappropriate post?

Other than off topic flags, there are several different types of flags that one can cast on a question, answer, or comment. What are each of these flags for? Question and answer flags: spam ...
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A guide to moderating Physics Stack Exchange yourself: close voting

So one thing that came out of our recent chat meeting the call to close questions was that some of our high rep members have been reluctant to cast close votes because it has been more or less ...
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FAQ for upvoting and downvoting

We all can agree that our FAQ is far from being satisfactory. However, I think it's our responsibility as a community to improve the FAQ or create a similar resource to address some issues which will ...
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Criteria for the popular-science tag

At Getting rid of the popular science tag, Shog9's (rather reasonable, in my opinion) was accepted. So here, I think we should standardise the definition of popular-science. If the answers are ...
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