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How can I know which is the oldest tag of Physics Stack Exchange?

How can I know which is the oldest tag of Physics Stack Exchange?
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Are all history questions now off-topic? [duplicate]

I saw that this question: Einstein's initial clue that spacetime is curved being flagged as off-topic, as it belongs on History of Science SE. However, there is a tag here for 'history' and it ...
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Is there a place where can I read about the history and growth of physics stackexchange?

I'm just curious on how that community has grown over the years.
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How did mathematics end up with two Stack Exchange sites, while Physics only got one?

I'm prompted to start this thread by a comment on a recent question about why this site has the homework policy that it does. As I said in that answer, the ecological niche that this site occupies is ...
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How do I find my previous posts and replies?

How do I find my previous posts and replies?
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When did Physics StackExchange launch?

StackExchange launched in September 2009. When did Physics StackExchange launch in history?
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Should history of physics questions be on topic?

When we last visited the issue of history questions, the dedicated History of Science and Mathematics Stack Exchange was in its early stages. At that time, we decided against closing questions for ...
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Revisiting history

I've been following the history tag for some time now, and it led me to this Phys.SE question, which was recently closed. While the cited reason was This question does not appear to be about ...
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Should old questions about history of physics be migrated to

A quick search for not-closed not-migrated history questions shows a handful of results. Given that newly asked questions about history are usually migrated to, should old (i.e., more than 2 ...
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History of Math and Science proposal is in commit stage [duplicate]

This is to announce that the History of Math and Science StackExchange proposal on Area 51 has entered the "commit" stage. You can read more about the proposal here and see the proposal itself here. ...
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