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Are questions unlikely to be useful to others permitted?

I came to Math and Physics Stack Exchange with a "forum mindset" (partly inherited from Stack Overflow and partly from other math/physics fora), where any problem is welcome, excepting ...
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I am not able to understand what should I do on this question to avoid it from being downvoted?

Please help me understanding about How I should improve my questions like this- How does torque operate? What will be going on with disc? from being downvoted? I think I have given the specific ...
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How to address high volume of low quality questions?

I've noticed that there are an awful lot of people who come here, create new accounts to ask their homework questions, get downvoted and closed then leave. Obviously, we have flags, we can attempt to ...
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What is wrong with this question?

I ask you to reopen my question which has nothing to do with an alleged homework: A problem involving adiabatic expansion of ideal gas or at least explain what is wrong with it.
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Having trouble understanding how to stay on topic

I have a question about my Physics Stack Exchange post: What governs the temperature rise inside an oven? I find myself frustrated with how questions need to be asked... and the pit of 'On Hold / ...
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Problem with questions

About five minutes before I posted this, a question came up in the feed asking users to come up with innovative project ideas for a highschool project with a photoresistor. The question had no ...
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Are questions asking for confirmation of a method off-topic?

I have asked a question relating to how I have approached a problem. My reason for asking the question was my answers seem to be unrealistic. The question is here: How to calculate force on a string ...
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Add "is your question on-topic" page for new users?

I was looking around on the mother meta, and I saw this interesting post. The second answer mentions this page on stack overflow for new users, where they must check the box at the bottom to confirm ...
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Closed question of a problem with shown attempt...please help me!

Sorry, I have done a question here where I have presented a problem that I have solved. I know that usually the questions are closed without any suggestions or help by the user if a problem is ...
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What is the difference between homework-like questions/check-my-work questions and a normal question?

Yesterday, while I was trying to solve a Schrödinger equation with a specific type, I came across with this question. Then I thought that if I ask a similar question for a different potential and add ...
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