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Should questions with obvious answers on the web be closed?

I am referring to those questions whose answers can be found easily by googling the question. For eg: This question. I feel like such questions show very little research effort and should be closed ...
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Should we take the terminology an asker might be unfamiliar with into consideration when it comes to expectations for research effort?

The reason I would suggest that an askers knowledge of terminology should be taken into consideration is that if by research effort we mean looking something up on the internet before asking a ...
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Textbook questions

There seems to be quite a lot of questions that demand for textbook answers. These are technically not homework questions - i.e., they are not asking for solutions to problems - but grounded in not ...
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Replacing the homework policy 1b: what is our scope anyway?

Abstract: Analyzing the data from the last replace-the-homework-policy question was inconclusive. So back to the drawing board, or really back to our starting point: what kinds of questions do we ...
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Policy on asking questions in physics [duplicate]

In the stack overflow site where people post questions on programming, it makes sense to have a policy where the question asked should state the efforts made by the asker to solve the problem and the ...
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Not enough research effort flag

Is there a flag for flagging as insufficient research effort? Or do I need to use a custom reason flag? (Should I even flag a question as such? I know a lot of people do...) Sorry if this is a dumb ...
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26 votes
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What does everyone mean by "insufficient research effort"?

Lately I've noticed a lot of close votes, down votes, and comments to the effect of "this question is too low level" or "the answer is on the internet if you search for it" or "you should already know ...
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19 votes
23 answers

Replacing the homework policy 1: what existing questions should be on/off topic?

TL;DR: post examples of current questions which are edge cases for the new policy, look through the list, and vote answers UP if you think they should be ON TOPIC vote answers DOWN if you think they ...
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