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Not able to log in using Google

My friend has created an account on this very platform using his Google account of Gmail. He has not been able to log in to his account for weird reasons. Could someone check if there is some bug or ...
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Opera browser blocks log in Physics Stack Exchange - HSTS issue

I have difficulties to log in the Physics Stack Exchange site via the Opera browser. It says: Your connection is not private This server could not prove that it is; its ...
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Can't logout from Stack Exchange

I am unable to log out from Stack Exchange in my browser, in both PC and mobile. After logging out, when I open the site again it appears as I am already logged in. I have not enabled the remembering ...
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Why is the new CAPTCHA troubling me from posting questions?

Frustrating! The new CAPTCHA really begger's description. First, they want to type a number for verification, then they ask to copy a big code and to paste it. Then what?? Nothing happens! 2 minuites ...
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Persistent error logging into with OpenID (Unable to log in with your OpenID provider)

OS - Windows 7 Browser - Firefox v26.0 For the past few days I have been unable to log into using OpenID. The error I get is below. Strangely, I can log in by browsing to ...
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How to switch away from MyOpenID?

I've been logging in to SE using openid, provided by Now MyOpenID says they're going to stop hosting openid in February. I only use openid for SE. I don't do social media. What is my ...
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How can I see the list of IP numbers I have been logging in with in recent times?

I somehow tapped somewhere by mistake, and a list appeared with all the IP numbers and dates of my recent logins. Where can I find that again? It seems interesting.
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problem logging in at meta stack overflow

Trying to login at via StackExchange (leftmost item) gives the error message: ...
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